How To Use Tinder Application – A Complete Guide

How To Use Tinder Application – A Complete Guide

How To Use Tinder Application: Tinder is the best and popular application for adults to do Online dating and chatting throughout the world. In this 21 st century, dating and chatting are getting very popular with the people. People in this Modern generation meets a new people day by day. In past days, with the help of social media networks like Facebook, Whats app, Instagram, LinkedIn etc., people find a new people, do chats without knowing their personal information. So, first of all, they find friends and chat with them on social media and finally ask for the date. Finding a new people and do chatting and ask the unknown person for dating is not a much easiest job. But now, you can find people and do chatting, dating at a short period of time using Tinder Online Dating and chatting application. There are many dating application available in the market like Tinder as OkCupid, Happen, Inner Circle, Bumble etc. But Tinder application is getting very famous around the people because of its features and easy user interface. 

Tinder for PC
Tinder application

Concept Of Tinder Application:

Tinder is the location-based Online dating and chatting application which is used to find a match regarding the user interest and profile. Tinder was developed in the year 2012 and founded by Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen, Justin Ma-teen, Joe Munoz and Dinesh Moorjani. First of all, Tinder application was developed for Android users. Later, it was developed for Windows phone, iPhone/ios users. Between the year 2014-15, millions of people use Tinder application and getting a million swipes per day. Tinder application supports nearly 40 languages throughout the world. For creating a profile on Tinder, you have to synchronize your Facebook account. Tinder application is available for the platforms like Tinder for Android, Tinder for PC, Tinder for Windows phone, Tinder for MAC, Tinder for iPhone/Ios, Tinder for Blackberry etc. 
Tinder for PC
Tinder Concept

First of all, you have to create a profile on Tinder application. You have to sync your Facebook account with your profile. For creating a profile, provide a Name, Age, Occupation etc. There is an age limit for Tinder application, you must 18 and above. After creating a profile, you may get your friends list from your Facebook account. And Tinder application also shows the people nearby your location. So, you have to fix the location on your profile. Providing the distance is our choice, you can expand it whatever you want. 

How Tinder Works:

Through Tinder application, you can meet your perfect life partner. You may get the match list for your profile after few days. In Tinder application, you give a Like to the person who you like. If you get the like as back, that is your match and you can start to do your chatting. There is also one feature as “Super like”. You may give the super like for the photos you like most. You both share the happiest moments each other. If you both do chat well, then move to the next step as dating. Tinder is the perfect platform to find a life partner and know the person well. 

Tinder for PC
How Tinder Works
  • SWIPE LEFT: If you do Swipe Left on Tinder application, it means ‘NO’. That means you are not interested in that person and won’t show that person again. If you upgrade Tinder plus, it means ‘rewind’ your swipes. 
  • SWIPE RIGHT: If you do Swipe Right on Tinder, it means ‘YES’. And your match person has to Swipe Right, otherwise, that person won't know you are interested in that person. So, you are careful while swipe right.
  • SWIPE UP or Super Like If you do Swipe Up or Super Like means, you like that person photo or post most. Or tap on the blue star icon. This shows the person about you are interested in them or you like that person most.
    Tinder for PC
    Tinder Operation
  • Discovery: Discovery is also one swiping process in Tinder which is used to remove yourself from dating with someone with serious potential. So, you can do ‘Discovery Off’ in your settings.
  • Unmatch: You can do unmatch the person at any time when you want. If you don’t like one person who is on your watch list, you can remove that person by unmatch. But once you unmatched anyone, that’s permanent deal forever.
  • Age&Gender preference: You have to set your age on the profile. There is an age limit available in Tinder application. A person between the age 18 to 55+ can create a profile on Tinder. According to the age and sex, you can get the match list.
  • Location Setting: Tinder is the GPS based application. So, the location will automatically adjust on your profile depending on where you are. But, you have a choice to expand your location for getting people.
  • Messaging: Once you get the match list and get a like back from the matched person, you can start to do your chatting with that person by sending a message through Tinder.
  • Boosting: If you want to boost your profile on top of the list for 30 minutes, you have to pay for it. You have to purchase Tinder boost for that purpose.

How To Get Tinder App For Various platforms:

Tinder application is available for all the operating devices. Even PC users also now use the Tinder application on their desktop.
Tinder for PC
Tinder for Android
Tinder for Android: 

You can easily download the Tinder application for Android devices. Go To the play-store option, type and search Tinder on Android device. Click to download and open the Tinder after installation and enjoy it.

                                                        Download Tinder For Android

Tinder for PC & MAC: 

Now, PC users also want to use Tinder application. Now, you can run any Android application on your PC using Android emulator. Using Blue-stack Android emulator, you can run any android application. 

Tinder for PC
Tinder for PC

First of all, you have to install Blue-stack Android emulator on your PC. After that, Go and install Tinder application on the official website or click here. Now, open the Tinder application with Blue-stack App player. Enjoy the online chatting and dating application on PC now.

Tinder for Windows phone:

You can easily get the Tinder application for Windows phone. Go To play-store on windows phone, type and search Tinder application. Otherwise, you get the Tinder application from its official website. 

                                                Download Tinder for Windows phone

Tinder for iPhone/Ios: 

Tinder application also developed for Apple users. You can get an application from Apple store. Go To Apple store, search Tinder for iPhone and click to install it.

                                                       Download Tinder for iPhone

Features of Tinder application:

Because of its advanced feature, Millions of people around the world download Tinder application. Day by day, its popularity getting doubled. 
Tinder for PC
Features of Tinder Application
  • Tinder is the best application for finding a perfect life partner.
  • You can access the tinder application only by sync your Facebook account.
  • Using GPS location feature, you can find a people nearby your location for chatting or wherever you want.
  • Your profile will speak about you. So, you have to provide your original information on your profile and get the full details of your partner too.
  • Not only individual chat, you may also create a group on Tinder and do group chat with your friends.
  • You put a Super Like to the person who you like most. It means you are interested in someone.
  • You can also access your Facebook gallery for Tinder application.
  • If you want your profile to stay on top of the list, you have to paid and purchase Tinder boost for that.
  • Tinder supports nearly 40 languages.

Tinder DO’S & DON’Ts:

Do be Honest: To be honest with what you want to do, what you like, what experience you are. Don’t lie with everyone. If you are interested in someone, be casual and be true while you chat. Speak with your matched person honestly.

Don’t Swipe Right to Anyone: Don’t do swipe right for everyone. If you get the match list quickly or if you get it very later, think about the person and do swipe right. If you don’t get match list for a while, the better choice is to improve your profile first. Don’t make a swipe for the wrong person and feel it later.

Do be the first person while messaging: Many people getting panic about who be the first person to start a conversation. Especially girls don’t do the first message. So, be the first person and say Hello to your partner and impress the person by your first message.

Don’t be afraid to change the mind: At first, you like one person and do chat with that person. Later, if your mind said this person is not a perfect match for your life. Don’t afraid to change your mind, took a better decision and choose your perfect life partner here.

Do Public meet or date: If your partner asks you for dating, don’t panic and don’t go to the private placement. If you have any doubt or feel uncomfortable do your meet or date in public pace. Just meet in a hotel, park or theater and speak with your partner in the safest place. Also, convey your plan to your friends or your family members for safe.

Don’t take any Bullshit: If anyone says something you don’t like, immediately unmatched them and block them forever. And report them like go to profile and hit the menu icon and hit the report. 

Finally, you get more idea about the tinder application. And also know what you do and don’ts. I hope this article must be useful for you to know about Tinder application. Hurry and download the tinder application and enjoy the online dating and chatting. Thanks for a stay on this blog guys. 

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